What is Retargeting and How To Do It

Original Content by Carl Johnson

As the third-party cookie prepares to crumble and it keeps getting harder to reach the right audience, the way marketers buy ads will have to change. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about retargeting campaigns with third-party cookie deprecation in mind. Whether you are a builder, developer, or contractor, we hope it will make retargeting work for your business.

What is remarketing?

4RE Marketing often gets confused with Remarketing. 4RE actually stands for “4 Real Estate”, while Remarketing is a popular form of digital marketing where ads are served to users who have previously visited your website or a specific web page or have taken some specific action, like downloading a property listing. It may also be called retargeting.

This marketing strategy is an effective way to target ‘warm leads’ or potential customers that have already shown interest in your products and/or services.

Remarketing efforts are an excellent way to remind customers about your brand.

Typically, remarketing depends on data, such as email addresses and cookies stored on computers, to track customers who need to be retargeted. The advertising platforms need this data to identify users and be able to tell who has already engaged with your brand. Analytics software is needed to collect this data and make it usable for remarketing. 

Cookies are the same technology that allows you, as (say) a marketer for a real estate agency, to understand user behavior: what properties were visited, how long users stayed on the pages, and what listings they looked at. Another interesting thing to track is what pages people clicked on, before they decided to leave your website. 

Retargeting campaigns can help you:

  • Upsell or cross-sell consumers.
  • Turn one-time customers into lifelong clients.
  • Remind potential customers of the pages they were browsing to push them to act.
  • Reach clients who are not responsive to emails.
  • Ensure your brand stays at the top of consumers’ minds by promoting — and re-promoting — your content.

Remarketing vs. retargeting

The terms “remarketing” and “retargeting” are often used interchangeably. Remarketing is the general practice of marketing to the same lead several times. On the other hand, retargeting campaigns are a subset of remarketing that focuses on targeting users who have visited your website before.

How do retargeting campaigns work?

Retargeting ads work in the following way:

  1. Someone visits your website and eventually leaves after browsing.
  2. The user visits other websites or apps.
  3. While on the other website or apps, they see your retargeting ads.
  4. Upon seeing your ad, they are reminded of your brand and the specific items they were looking at.
  5. They return to your website and continue doing business with you.

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